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Géri a Jaštěři

When you call, We always take the phone

Géri a Jaštěři

when you call, we always take the phone

Are we gonna take your party to the stratosphere?

Yes, basically yes

Jaštěři is band of experienced musicians from Brno. And Géri is Swiss. 

Our repertoire is based mainly on blues tunes. We are composing our own stuff, but most of the repertoire is cover songs from all the giants - Muddy Watters, Ray Charles, Howlin Wolf and others. 

Except of the Blues we are also playing some Soul, Motown and Funk songs. All of it mostly from 60's and 70's. 

We play blues gigs, dance festivals, weddings for music connoisseur and everything in between. 

the marketing is cheep, but the music is good

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If you are interested please write us a mail. Down below there is little icon for that. Looks a bit like a letter. 

We do play weddings.
We are able to rent sound system and make ourself heard. 
We can also provide some music for the ceremony in duo set up.